Web Resources

Those sites I have found of particular value I have highlighted with @@@@@. If you know of any sites that would prove of value please e-mail me.


Understanding Spark Plugs
Detailed article on how to read spark plugs.

Spark Plug Technical Information
Technical information from NGK. 

Technical article on the properties of oil.





Avon Tyres
Web site of one of the most widely fitted tyres on a Velo. For other makes click here.


British Only @@@@@
Download PDF copies of original Lucas instructions and parts lists etc


Comprehensive site, giving a wealth of information on all sorts of bearings that are used or can be used on Velos.

Online look up on roller bearing data, and some information on the properties of steel. Requires registration.


Hitchcock Motorcycles @@@@@
Probably the best website on Amal Carbs, with online parts lists hints and tips, tuning instructions etc.

Surrey Cycles
Comprehensive source of spares for Amal carbs. In particular, they have an excellent spares list with comprehensive tips on tuning Amal carbs. Paper version only I am affraid

The Amal Concentric MK1 @@@@@
If there is anything you need to know about a Mk1 Concentric you should find it here!

British Only @@@@@
Download PDF copies of original Amal parts lists etc

Workshop Information

British Standard Cycle Thread Table
Print off information to cut your own cycle threads

Screw Thread and Tapping Drill Tables @@@@@
Useful table for use hen cutting screw threads. Additionally try this site for further information

Shopswarf @@@@@
Incredibly useful site if machine any of your own parts. Additionally try this site for even more information

Engineering Edge @@@@@
Just loads of useful information on engineering

Vintage Knowledge
...cars that is! Thread data, spanner sizes and other useful resources

Bolt Science @@@@@
All you wanted to know about nuts and bolds - extremely comprehensive. If you still need to know more about nuts and bolts visit their link site. Alternatively try this three part article from a BMW owner

Fastener Design Manual @@@@@
I didn't know that there was this much I needed to know about Nuts and bolts!

Cooper Alloy Bearings
Information that may help you to understand the material that all those bushes on Velos seem to be made from.

Australian Stainless Steel Association
All you wanted to know about stainless steel but were afraid to ask!

Oilite Bearings
Some Oilite bearings used in Velocettes are getting now getting difficult to find. This site provides a useful source of data to help you find alternatives.


Velocette Owners Club UK

Velocette Owners Club Australia
Web site of our fellow enthusiasts down under. There may only be a small bunch of them, but they produce a great magazine - Fishtail Down Under. Worth joining even if you can't make it to every club nights!

Velocette Owners Club Netherlands
Looks like an interesting site - I wish I could understand it.

Velocette Owners Club Germany

Velocette Owners Club North America

Rob Dury's MKVIII KTT Pages

Owen's Velos
Five speed gear clusters for Velos, purchase copies of prewar drawings

Ed Gilkison's Velo Site
The West Coast Velo Fellows web site complete with Velo tips.

Velo Photos

LE Velo site
A site dedicated to LEs!

Grove Classic Motorcycles
The most comprehensive selection of Velocette spares parts available anywhere in the world.

Old Bike Mart
A must if you are looking to buy an old bike of find any spares.

The Classic Motorcycle
One of the better rags!

Classic Motor Cycle Mechanics
The first 30 or so editions of this magazine were my favorite commercially produced magazines of all time. Since then they have focused on early oriental machines

Classic Bike Shows
Details on some of the major UK bike shows