"Only proficient engineers really deserve to own and maintain a Velocette"

So stated the Classic Bike Guide (June 1997) when they reviewed a MAC / MSS hybrid. While this may be an exaggeration, there is no doubt that Velocettes probably attract more engineers than many other makes.

In rebuilding my first Velo (started in 1973, finished in 1996), I became frustratingly aware of a need for easily accessible technical information, none of which could be found in one document.  Typically I would look in the “Red Book”, parts list, Burgess and Burris Velocette books, not to mention the wealth of information contained in Fishtail. Therefore I started to document as much pertinent technical information as I could lay my hands on.

Firstly a word of caution - I have taken as much care as possible in compiling the information, however;

  • I am not infallible

  • Some information contained in recognised reference material conflicts e.g.

Viper bore given as 2.8362 in the “Red Book”, 2.8347 in Burgess (the same author)

M17/8 cam timing given as 45 - 55- 65 - 35 in the “Red Book” (twice), given as 35 - 65 - 55 -45 in Burgess, Burris, and Fishtail Plus numerous other inconsistencies. 

 So the usual disclaimers apply - if you find any errors or have additional information please e mail me.

Finally I am indebted to all the authors mentioned for the source information, plus others who have published books or Fishtail articles. In particular I would like to acknowledge Geoff Steele's contribution through his excellent articles in Fishtail.

I hope you find the information of use.

David Gibbison