UK Registration Data

Courtesy of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, attached is an Excel spreadsheet containing information on all UK registered Velocettes. The information lists numbers of registrations by each year and the countys in which they are currently registered. The information is based on the DVLA's computerised records, which have been built up since the 1960's.

Information is subdivided into three categories:

Registered - those Velo's registered, taxed and road legal
SORN - those Velo's that are registered for road use but not taxed
Unregistered - those Velo's that were on the computer but the owners have not notified the DVLA of the vehicles status. Examples are bikes that have been scrapped, cannibalised  or bikes sitting in someone's shed awaiting restoration or just slowly rusting away.

Some interesting snippets of information

To discover more, download the attached Excel spreadsheet (340K)